Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday-Baby's First Halloween

As a mom, some of the sweetest events in life are baby's firsts. With Halloween fast approaching, I found myself looking through last year's Halloween photos. Lil Man's First Halloween. He was 7 months old. He was adorable. He was, dare I say, TINY. And this Halloween, he'll be 19 months, have a set of teeth to actually eat candy with, and be able to walk door to door on his first trick-or-treating adventure. I can only hope that this year's Halloween will live up to last years'.
Little Man and Dear Husband plotting the design they'll carve into the  pumpkin

Lil Man playing with the pumpkin "goo". He loved it!

Lil' Man is SUPER EXCITED about his Piglet pumpkin!

We went to Grandpa's house to take pictures. Those are Grandpa's puking pumpkins...

Cute Little Tigger

Evil? Little Tigger


Family Photo

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