Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Everything On It

One of my favorite authors from my youth is Shel Silverstein. Where The Sidewalk Ends was a staple in my elementary school. And it opened the door to a love of all Shel Silverstein's poetry. To this day, 20ish years later, I can still recite parts of Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout. 

This October, when I found out that Shel had published a new book of poetry I was ecstatic! Everything On It,  is written and illustrated in standard Shel style. And the poem that shares the book's title is one of my favorites. A boy orders a hot dog with "Everything on it", but instead of getting ketchup  mustard, onions, and relish, the boy gets a hot dog with some pretty odd fare atop it. Shel's poetry taps into children's imaginations and gives their imaginations a voice. He is a spectacular writer and this book is a must read. It is particularly good for reading in short bursts, as the poems are short and sweet.

While reading Everything On It, why not make a Plaster of Paris hot dog for your little one to paint and decorate. It's a fun way to work on developing motor skills while tying the craft back to the book! If Plaster of Paris seems like too much work, pick up a pack of multi-color pack of modeling clay, and craft some hot dogs out of that. Or even better yet, have hot dogs for lunch! You might even want yours with everything on it!

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