Monday, October 10, 2011

Spotlight on Early Lit Philanthropists: Raising A Reader

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While reading School Library Journal this morning, I came across an article about an organization called Raising A Reader. Raising a Reader, or RAR as it is sometimes called, is a national non-profit that partners with early caregivers, like HeadStart or home nurses to encourage parents to read to thier children in the home.

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Every week, or every other week, children and thier parents are provided with a red bag that holds 4 picture books to read along with thier parents. Then, a week or so later, the bag is swapped for a new bag holding 4 different picture books.

This story in SLJ, warmed my heart. I'm so happy that children who might not otherwise have access to books, are being provided quality reading material through this organization.

RAR is currently operating in over 30 states in the U.S. and continues to grow. To find an affiliate in your nieghborhood click here. If you would like to become an affliate, you can find info here. You can even "Like" RAR on Facebook, or if you find it in your heart make a donation.

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