Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Early Lit Tip Tuesday - How children view movement

Comprehending movement can be difficult for a child. The concept of wind: you can't see it, but you can feel it, can be particularly difficult. This video gives a brief explanation of how children comprehend movement and some tips to aid in your child's comprehension.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Sorting and Other Fun!

To celebrate Valentine's Day today with Little Man, I had some super fun, and educational activities planned for this morning.

We started out "coloring a Valentine's Day picture for daddy".

Here are some links to this, and other Valentine coloring pages:

We followed up our coloring project with a "Sorting Hearts Collage"
Learning where the different sizes go

Sorting the different sizes

Still perfecting our artwork

The finished product

To create this project, I cut three different sizes of hearts from templates (since cutting symmetrical hearts can be so tricky) on both red and pink construction paper for some Valentine's Day flair. I then labeled the white background construction paper with Little, Medium, and Big Hearts places. After showing Little Man where each of the three sizes went, he had fun matching up the sizes of the hearts. I glued them to the paper where he wanted them, he is only 22 months old after all. :)

If you would like to create this project, here are some links to different heart templates:

Enchanted Learning-Various Size Hearts
Kiddy House-Various Size Hearts
2020Site -Stylized Various Size Hearts

I ended our craft time this morning by surprising Little Man with his Valentine's Day present. Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater. I think the picture says it all:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Song and Fingerplay!

Will You Be My Valentine?
To the tune of "The Muffin Man"

Oh, will you be my valentine?
My valentine? My valentine?
Oh, will you be my valentine?
And love me every day?

Oh, yes, I'll be your valentine.
Your valentine. Your valentine.
Oh, yes, I'll be your valentine.
And love you every day.

My Valentine Heart

When I say I love you (Point to lips)
It comes from my heart (Hand on heart)
You hear it in your ear (Point to ear)
And it sounds very smart (Point to head)
I love it when you're proud of me (Stand very tall)
You say it all day long (Stretch arms wide)
And when I hear you say it (Point to ear)
My heart sings a merry song (Hand on heart)

Stay Tuned, Today was just a preview. I'll have more fun Preschool and Early Lit fun tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fingerplay Friday- It is Snowing

Image borrowed from:
Since the vast majority of the US is about to be hit with a major cold snap, and may of us will be seeing snow, what better than to use snow as the basis of a Fingerplay!

"It is snowing, it is snowing, (Make snowing motion with hands)
All a round, All a round, (Hand at brow, look "all around")
I need a hat, I need a hat, (Motion as if you are putting on a hat)
On my head, on my head" (Point to head)

(Continue with motions, changing the winter gear you are putting on, and the body part you point to.)

"It is snowing, it is snowing,
All a round, All a round,
I need earmuffs, I need earmuffs,
On my ears, on my ears"

"It is snowing, it is snowing,
All a round, All a round,
I need mittens, I need mittens,
On my hands, on my hands"

"It is snowing, it is snowing,
All a round, All a round,
I need scarf, I need a scarf,
Around my neck, around my neck"

"It is snowing, it is snowing,
All a round, All a round,
I need boots, I need boots,
On my feet, on my feet"

"It is snowing, it is snowing,
All a round, All a round,
I need a coat, I need a coat,
On my body, on my body"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fitch and Chip (Wolf and Pig) Paper Bag Puppets

On a whim, while attempting to select some good "Easy Readers" for my first through third book group, I stumbled across a pretty funny series called Fitch and Chip by Lisa Wheeler. The book I selected is called New Pig in Town, in which Chip (the pig) is the new student in class and realizes that Fitch is the only wolf. The story continues with some pretty good pig and "lone wolf" jokes, and concludes with Fitch and Chip becoming friends. Though this book is outside of what I would call "Early Literacy Parameters", it would still be a fun read to share. Particularly for a toddler entering preschool.

In my book group, we always conclude with a craft. I picked the book first this time, so I ended up beating my head up against a wall for a craft to go with it. And then I came up with the perfect idea!

Pig and Wolf Paper Bag Puppets!

The novelty of this idea is that not only can you use the puppets as Fitch and Chip, but you could also use them as the base for other pig and wolf stories, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, you get my drift. 

Let me be clear. I DID NOT make these templates myself. I lend credit where credit is due, in the caption link. But if you ask my opinion, these are two of the best patterns out there for a wolf and pig puppet. You will notice that I did modify my final product from the templates. More on that later...

This is the pattern I used for Chip the Pig:
Template provided by archjrc.com:

And this is the pattern I used for Fitch the Wolf:
Template and photo provided by easy-child-crafts.com
The file is in PDF format, so click the link below to access it.

This is my rendition of Chip the Pig, utilizing the above template as a guide:


I used 2 shades of pink paper and used the template as tracing outline. All of the black is drawn on with permanent marker.

This is my rendition of Fitch the Wolf, utilizing the above template as a guide:


I used 2 shades of brown paper and once again used the template as a tracing outline. Instead of grey and white, and chose not utilize the arms from the template. All of the black is once again drawn on with permanent marker.

I hope you have fun making these puppets, and are able to modify them to suit your needs as well! If you do make them, comment me a link to your post, I'd love to see what you and/or your kids have made!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Baby's First Trip To The Hospital

I've been MIA for a while now because life's been one heck of a mess. Since Jan 1st, there's been stroke, cancer, broken bones, surgery for bones and cancer, job loss, and hospital stays. So to segway back into normal bloggy life, here is one of my most precious photos, from probably one of the worst times of my life.

Note: I covered up his little hospital bracelet (that's why it looks weird). I didn't want any creepers stealing his info.