Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Celebrating Hanukkah As Christians

Call me crazy, or whatever you want, but I'm a Christian that celebrates Jewish holidays in conjunction with Christian holidays. It is my personal belief that Jesus came and amended the laws of the Old Testament, not threw them into the fire. Therefore, since Jesus was Jewish, I celebrate the Jewish holidays as well as the Christian ones. In our home, celebrating both sets of holidays promotes tolerance. Not to mention, I'll take any excuse to eat a latke or some sufganiot! So this WW, I wish all of my true Jewish friends, and those like me who celebrate anyway, a Happy Hanukkah!

The perfects.....and the defects....

Tasting a piece of Latke

Not the clearest shot, but Little Man decided he's a Latke Monster!

Learning about Hanukkah, this is now one of our favorites! Dogs in a "lift the flap" book, nothing could be better! ......except......

Playing Dreidel!!


  1. Really cool. I totally believe the same thing. I also work for a married couple, one Jewish, the other Christian, so they celebrate both with their son as well! ^.^

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. Looks great! I think I'll even get that biscuit book for my kids :) Come check out my facebook page if you get a chance


  3. Happy Chanukah to you too.



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