Friday, May 3, 2013

Investing in Children, an investment in community

As we all know, children grow into adults. And what kind of adults they turn into, oftentimes has a lot to do with how they were raised. Children that are neglected often act out, and find other less than stellar ways to occupy their time. However, in our pleasure and pressure driven world, parents are often spend more time at the office making money, or worse, seeking out their own pleasure to the detriment of their children. I get it. I work. I go to school. I have a kid. But you can bet that I try my damnedest when I am home, to spend time with my child and instill values in him. Things as simple as respect and courtesy go miles! But parents aren't teaching respect and courtesy any more, and I can only assume that it's because they are just too busy. Because I just can't conceive the alternative--that they just don't care. Horrifying.

The Heidelberg Project: "Obstruction of Justice" Fall 2012

We're seeing the repercussions of children left to their own devices, in a world losing respect, more and more often. The Boston Bombings for example, where are the parents of these kids (using "kids" loosely), oh yeah, over in Russia. Sandy Hook? Mommy was too busy at the gun range or wherever, not to realize that her child was crazy. Then, there's the crime rate that is skyrocketing in my neighborhood, most crimes committed by teens, or early twenties. Where the hell are their parents? Why aren't they at home in the middle of the night? I'm SURE they aren't living on their own. Then this morning, one of my favorite local artist's work "Obstruction of Justice" of the Heidelberg Project was burned to the ground by arson (insert irony here). In variably by a kid that wasn't being watched or a scorned adult. Why otherwise, would someone demolish a project dedicated to the re-birth of the blighted Detroit? That hundreds of volunteers give of their time to try and make a gem, in an otherwise decaying city, giving back to the community.

I just don't understand. The only solution I can see is to start investing in our children. Teach your children to "love others as themselves" and have a general respect for those and the world around them. Stop worrying about high-tax rates, and whining about teachers getting paid too much, and start caring about the education of our children. There are TONS of statistics correlating the more educated the community, the lower the crime rate. The higher performing the schools, the lower the crime rate. And it's no secret that to achieve that, money is needed, and spent. It's time we start asking our lawmakers to invest in our children, before we start investing in non-essentials and overseas. Our children here at home need to come first, and sadly, they are being forgotten. It's time for change. Now. Otherwise, we're going to continue to see the deterioration of society.

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