Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dollar Store Finds- Bingo Dotters.

If you homeschool, or teach preschool, you may have heard of Do-A-Dot Markers. These markers are great for dot art and little hands that are developing gross motor skills. However, they can be pretty expensive.

Recently, at the suggestion of another mom, I decided to check my local dollar store for Bingo daubers. And guess what? They had them! I was able pick up 4 dotters for $4.24! Granted, the color range wasn't nearly a wonderful as the Do-A-Dot, but to be honest, the colors really don't matter to a 2 to 3 year old. They just love the fun!

If you've never used the dotters before, you may be wondering just what the heck you do with them! There are several great sites that offer print-out bingo dauber coloring pages. Two of my favorites are:

DLTK kids - Dauber Pages 
Making Learning Fun - Bingo Marker Pages

So check your local dollar store for Bingo daubers, your child will have a blast using them!

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