Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Curious George Turns 70!

Curious George "Now"
Image courtesy of Problogger.net
 I bet you didn't know it, but the cute little curious monkey that we all call George turns 70 this month. And though he's changed his look over the years, man, does he look good for his age!

Every year in Boston, Massachusetts, Curiosity Day is celebrated. The event strives to encourage a love of reading in children and their caregivers. This year, Curiosity Day is being celebrated on September 24th at the Boston Public Library. But even if you don't live in the Boston area, you can still participate!

Curious George "Then"
Image courtesy of Houghton Mifflin

Houghton Mifflin put out an awesome Curiosity Day Kit, with all kinds of fun ideas and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Everything from hosting a "Curiosity Day--Birthday Party" for George, to printables, to a list of 70 different activities to do with your kids that encourage curiosity. It's an all inclusive resource for all things George.

If you're still jonesin' for more George after checking out the Curiosity Day Kit, George has his own website and Facebook page. Just click around, both are full of resources. Your child can even be selected at the Facebook Fan of the Week if you submit their photo, a big deal for any little person.

And of course there's always the books! Chances are you'll find them in the picture book section of your local library under the author H.A. Ray. If your child falls in love with the books, you may consider letting them watch Curious George on PBS, or letting him or her play some of George's games online. George has even starred in his own full-length movie and sequel!

George seems to be everywhere in his old age, and kids still just can't get enough of him! So much for early retirement for you George. Happy Birthday!

And happy (early) Curiosity Day to all of my human friends!

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  1. 70? Wow! I had no idea. It's neat though to see my 2 year old watching the same cartoons that I did as a child. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happily following you back :)



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