Monday, April 23, 2012

26 Years Young?

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Today, is my birthday. I turn 26 today. Greater than a quarter century, 4 years less than 30. Yes, that is how I'm measuring time these days. I think that's because I feel SO OLD most days. Some of the reasons I feel SO OLD I'm proud of, others, not so much. For example-

At 26, I never would have dreamed that:

I would celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary with a much better guy than my high school sweetheart.

I would have the most AMAZING, GIFTED, ADORABLE, 2 year old son (that serenaded me with the most precious rendition of 'Happy Birthday' I have ever heard this morning).

That I would have such a passion for promoting literacy in young children.

That I would be on the verge of entering grad school to obtain a degree in library and information science.

That I would be a fledgling blogger.

That I would be an aspiring children's book author.

That I'd STILL be trying to find my way financially.

That I'd be in bed by 10p.m. on BOTH Friday and Saturday nights, while my friends that I hardly ever see are out partying at the bar.

BUT it is through these "dreams" that I'm deriving my goals for my 26th year.

I am going to spend as much time with, and enjoy, my son and my husband as much as possible.

I am going to make time to see my girlfriends more often.

I'm going to apply to grad school this fall.

I'm going to put as much energy into my blog, as I do into watching TV. (That's kind of a lot. LOL)

I'm going to start actively writing and revising my children's book--and pandering it out to publishers. And stop making excuses that I don't have an illustrator for my story.

I'm going to find a way, through writing and/or promoting literacy, to provide for my family! (If you have opportunities, send them my way. wink. wink.)

I guess there's just one thing left to figure out, WHAT I'M GOING TO GET MYSELF! :) 


  1. And I (your dear husband) will do whatever I can to support you in all of these goals. :-*

  2. Very good goals! I have similar goals of blogging and spending more quality time with girlfriends and family. And I'm 23. I also have several friends partying hard every Friday and Saturday, while I'm in bed... Not sure exactly how I feel on that subject!

    Good luck on publishing children's books. That is such a fun goal!


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